We support AMBITIOUS female professionals to become the CEO of their life and design their new LIFE and MPC (Meaningful, Profitable Career) that eventually pays 2x as much, values family as much as they do, and offers unlimited flexibility so that they can take care of business at home as well and become unstoppable.

New training

The 9 Most Paralyzing Roadblocks to Career Change & How to Get Concrete Results!.png

The 9 Most Paralyzing Roadblocks to Career Change & How to get Concrete Results

35 exercises and solutions to overcome every Roadblocks

We can help you with


Redefining what matters to you, 

Finding your life mission, 

Designing a new role within your family/ community,

Reorganizing your time to gain more energy, fun and ease, 

Building a strong self-confidence,

Becoming a better version of yourself and achieving your own goals

Your Career

Designing your MPC ( Meaningful and Profitable Career), Returning to work,

Finding your Zone of Genius, 

Analysing your potential, 

Knowing your Strengths, 

Growing your network, 

growing a CEO Mindset, negotiating your new salary (2X)

Testing your vision...