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Your meaningful profitable career
how to turn your life expertise into a new meaningful career with Profit!
Speed Boats
Tell me, what is your Plan to accelerate your journey to Freedom and Fulfillment?

If you are on this page it is because you consciously or unconsciously feel a force within you, striving for more balance, more freedom, more fulfillment. Over the past decade, I have heard from people who are looking for more in their lives, even if they have a successful career. They might have the perfect job on paper but feel an urge to do things differently. Do you feel the same?

I’ve helped hundreds of students tune in to that appeal and gain the confidence to act upon it. The results have been life-changing.

Maybe you’re still trying to clarify exactly what your purpose is; maybe you’re clear on your mission but feel blocked and don´t know where to start, or perhaps you are looking for your next best step to gain the right balance.


Whatever stage you’re at, the deep transformational work we do in this training will show you how to build your way to a new meaningful life, that is balanced and profitable, a life filled with constant possibilities.

Here’s Who This is For
This is for female professionals who

feel like they are blocking their purpose

 Maybe that sounds familiar?


“Who am I to be abundant doing purpose-driven work?

How am I actually going to pay the bills doing what I love?

Is it selfish to want to feel fulfilled? Will I still be available for my children?

Is the effort truly worth it?
Am I capable?
How can I stand out from the crowded marketplace?

Happy to do something new, but what?"


Can you relate to any of these?
  • You long to make an impact doing what you love—and feel the urge to help the world for a better future.

  • You want to get super clear about your purpose?

  • You want your work to be fulfilling and profitable.

  • You want freedom and unlimited flexibility in your working and private life?

  • There’s something blocking you from taking action on your dream and you’re not sure how to move forward.

  • You want a meaningful career, but you’re not even sure where to start.

  • You feel ready to explore new areas and start something new …but what?

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Woman Having Coffee
But at the same time you may tell yourself: 

“Who am I to be abundant doing purpose-driven work?”

"Is the effort truly worth it?"
"Am I capable?"
"How can I stand out from the crowded marketplace?"
"Will my marriage survive the transition?"
"Will I still be available for my children?"

“Will I ever be happy?”

“How am I actually going to pay the bills doing what I love?”

“Is it selfish to want to feel fulfilled?”

“Is it a whim to want to feel fulfilled?”

"What is wrong with me, I already have it all"

10 years ago, I started my career change from Chemical Engineer to now being a full-time coach and trainer. At that time, I was depressive, and my 3 children were all younger than 5 years old. It wasn’t easy at first. However, I have overcome all challenges and transformed my private life and successfully created my own business finding solutions and tools for each problem.For the last 10 years, I have been using these technics with my clients, helping them find their dream job and have more fun in life. 100% of my clients following my program completely have started/succeeded in a career change.Are you ready to have more fun & ease in your life and seek your new mission?Let's get started!

I have been there, I get it! 
Today I’m proud to say that I am completely fulfilled and I am amazed about the new opportunities that my new skills and mindset offer to me, dreaming every day bigger and higher. I’ve spoken on stages, been featured in magazines, and I’ve been recognized as a mindful leader and change maker by some of the people who have inspired me for years.

Introducing: THE MPC Masterclass™
Meaningful PRofitable career within 12 weeks or less

“If you don't have a plan for what you want, then you will probably find yourself buying into someone else's plan and later find out that was not the direction you wanted to go. You've got to be the architect of your life. " -Jim Rohn


With the MPC Masterclass, you’ll get a proven, 09-step process for producing any career idea that suits you best, planning your next Steps thinking out of the box, and taking actions with a boost of self-confidence and energy.

The Community

When you join The MPC Masterclass, you’ll get access to a private LinkedIn group where you’ll connect with fellow students. Find support and share your journey in one of the most high-vibe places on the Internet

Young Teacher


Here’s What I’ve Got
The Meaningful Profitable Masterclass helps you to

  • Quickly identify your Zone of Genius and Uniqueness to tap into your own power. 

  • Explore 1 to 3 meaningful new career paths in 30 - 90 days. A process that you can repeat and repeat all your life. 

  • Test with curiosity and risk-free your ideal career paths with the market.

  • Discover new horizons: a new way to consider life and work.

  • Become the CEO of your Life and knock down the impostor syndrome.

  • Brand yourself and attract the right persons for your MP career.

  • Find the right Flow between work and home for optimal fun, ease, and performance.

What are the Benefits

You will discover your core strengths, your uniqueness, and how to use them for optimal impact.

✓ being able to be in your flow will bring you more joy and creativity.

✓ You will gain clarity about your life and your future winning self-confidence.

✓ You will know how to start a new career without financial risks for your family.

✓ You will gain Extra self-confidence and self-esteem.

✓ You will connect and learn from liked minded people, giving you an extra boost.

✓ You will start a new life full of fulfillment and amazement. 

✓ You gain in leadership for yourself, and your team at home and at work.

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