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Juggling Act

Managing your family at the moment, can feel like you are running a circus!

As parents, we have to juggle so many things.

Under the current circumstances, it is even more obvious. We are forced to make so many different decisions when it comes to our children’s home schooling, not knowing which directions to go.

For many of us, no matter what the decision is, it won't be right. Our children are angry, our employers are unsatisfied, we are playing a role of a teacher and that doesn't necessarily suit us.

It is normal to feel helpless, to compare ourselves to other parents, to be afraid of other people's judgment or to try to do everything right. Having said that, in general, we don't live up to our own expectations (or the expectations of others).

These feelings lead to self-deprecation and doubts about one's parenting skills. In addition, a parent who lacks confidence does not dare to follow their instincts and can be swayed by the comments of those around them.

It is by trusting yourself, relying on your own intuition and listening to your needs and those of your children that your sense of parental competence develops.

How to do this:

Set your priorities. What's important to you? For example: cleaning up or resting to have energy for your little one? Working more or being present for the homeschooling of your child?

Setting these priorities will help you feel less guilty about not doing certain things.

Get inspired instead of comparing yourself. Use comparison as a way to discover new ways of doing things that you could try in your situation or with your children.

Acknowledge your successes. Don't just look at other parents' strengths. Take time to recognise your own strengths and abilities.

Allow yourself to make mistakes. Trial and error is how you find out what’s best for you and for your family. If a day doesn't go well, remember that you can pick yourself up the next day and try something else and that you are going to be ok!

If you find yourself in a particularly complicated situation right now, send me a private message titled “complicated” and we can set something up!