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How to Reduce stress with a few deep breaths, for parents and children - Discussion with Anil -

A little bit about Anil:

Anil is a graduate from Boğaziçi University, Department of Economics. She holds a master's degree in financial mathematics, information technology and applications at the University of London. Anil has worked on international tech startup projects for strategy, business development and user experience journey.

Towards finding her digital life balance, she has done training in America, England and in Germany. She has been working as a certified breath-worker, meditation and mindfulness teacher since 2010.

She received special training for Children, Breath and Mindfulness Studies from the University of California, Department of Conscious Awareness Research (UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center). She explained the importance of Breathing and Mindfulness Games against digital screens and misusage of digital screen time.

In this interview we discuss:

The importance of mindfulness,

Some breathing technics and

The influence of digital screen time.

Take a look, and please head over to our Facebook Meet up for FUNctioning Families to see much more!