Family is like your Favorite cup!

Our Family is like a cup - We choose very carefully what we put in to it!

The liquid (tea, coffee or whatever) that we put in it is the content.

To make an analogy of our life as parents, heads of families, the content corresponds the choices we make when choosing our house, our children’s schools, what we feed our family, the clothes we buy, the activities, earn enough money to pay for all of these things….

The cup corresponds to the container, to the structure. If the cup is broken, if it leaks a little, then all the contents begin to spill out, which can in some cases result in divorce, or separation.

This is why the cup is so important, and you have to work on the strength and stability of the cup.

There are 3 main factors to work on this mug. I'll let you discover them in the video.

If you would like to solidify, renovate or just enrich your cup, then come and join our experience. 7 days to Family Happiness