EQUANIMITY, do you know what it is?

Do you know this word? Here is how one of my meditation teachers, Christian Mortier, explained it to me 14 years ago, and it has resonated with me since. Equanimity is the ability to take one's place. The place that our being must have in the world and not the place that our EGO dictates.

🙈 Our EGO wants to protect us, and so it tells us not to overflow, not to take up too much space, and so we end up devaluing ourselves so that we don´t disturb or challenge our status We do our best to stay invisible. 🐵 Or our EGO tells us to fight to ‌exist and therefore to take up more space than necessary.

Can you recognize yourself in one of these aspects?

Equanimity allows us to find the right place. The correct balance: Not too much, not too little. If you look up this word in the dictionary, this is not the definition you will find. However, in using this principle, this is what I have learned and felt: This ability to be in equanimity allows for the right reaction, the right word, the right thought, and the right action ... and you can feel it, you feel at peace. Here is one definition you can find on the internet: -"The quality of remaining calm and undisturbed; evenness of mind or temper; composure.” It is pretty close to my discovery, right?