Be a CEO at home and at work.

I remember when I was an international sales manager and pregnant for the second or third time, a corporate partner told me, "you are not half pregnant, you can't be half a mother," so women stay at home when they become mothers.

I heard this in Germany, India, and Japan. The message was very clear.

What a strange idea. No, I wasn't half pregnant. The 20kg I gained each time made me feel it. But if being pregnant once doesn't allow you to have a job anymore or to take more responsibilities in your life, then I don't think you should be pregnant more than once, because then our children would only have half a mom, or in my case, three half moms.

Women in the past had 10 kids each, and they had to work hard at home, at the farm,... And they weren´t half mothers.

A mom who does not work, in some countries, is considered a lazy woman (it is a bit like that in France). A woman who works, in some countries, is not a good mother ( a RABE MUTTER in German: a raven mother). As far as parenthood is concerned, Germany and France are very far apart, and this is exactly what saved me. Being caught between these two cultures; I developed my own philosophy: if what I'm doing is wrong anyway, I can do it my way😊.

My life, my family, my rules.

I say: you can have it all! Be a CEO at home and at work. But here's the thing: depending on the country, the structures in place, the social pressure, and the mentality of your partner, you might need to follow these rules: 📣📣📣