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30-Day Experience

Open the door to a better world

Starting the 06.06.2023 

Imagine, as a female professional and/or family manager, you learn within 30 days not only a method of communication, but you enter into a new caring world of deep exchanges and authentic sharing. You discover the real goodness of the people around you and your deepest nature.
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This unique experience will lay the foundation for your consistent and appreciative communication. You will easily adapt the fast practice of non-violent communication into your daily life and get the best results at a record speed.

Do you dream of more harmony in your relationships?


Perhaps you are wondering how much better communication can impact your relationships?


Or would you simply like to say goodbye to conflict (internal and external)?


Then sign up for this 30-day experience that will change your view of yourself and the world around you.


This unique experience will lay the foundation for a consistent, easy, and fast practice of non-violent communication in order to get the best results at a record speed. 


Register to reserve your place at "Open the Door to a New World"

Let us ask you this question:


Have you ever wondered "why it's so hard to talk to each other"?


We wish we could, but we rarely do: speaking "authentically", especially to those closest to us, is too often an exercise in failure. What is it that prevents us from saying clearly what we feel?

In this 30-day experience, we guide you through an approach that doesn't just give you clear steps, but rather a method designed to increase empathy and improve the quality of your life and the people around you. Non-violent communication has evolved from concepts used in person-centered therapy.


The goal is to first create empathy in the conversation. The idea is that once there is empathy between the parties, it will be much easier to talk about a solution that satisfies the basic needs of all parties. It is used to bring your inner team in harmony as well as your workplace team or families. 


Marshall B. Rosenberg
Father of NonViolent Communication (1934-2015) "NVC is more than a process or a language: it is a constant invitation to focus our attention where we are most likely to find what we are looking for. I developed NVC to learn how to direct my attention - or focus my awareness - on what might deliver what I am looking for. What I am looking for in life is kindness, an exchange with others motivated by a reciprocal heartbeat."

At the end of this 30-day experience, you will have:


- Discovered a simple and precise 4-step technique. 

- Learned to react better in conflict situations and to resolve them more calmly. 

- Increased your negotiation skills (whether in private life or in the workplace)

- A map to better understand your loved ones and strengthen family ties.

- The keys to living in harmony.

- A decoder to recognize your needs and the needs of your loved ones/ colleagues/enemies. 

- Learn to open yourself and communicate with your heart and not only with your head. 

- Learn more than only a nonviolent communication, you will have the key to a non-violent lifestyle, leadership, and education.

We will gather every week for a 60/90-minute online workshop over 4 weeks ( starting 06.06.2023)

Every week for a month, you will receive 3 new inputs/exercises/reflections directly in your inbox and in our LinkedIn group!

Interaction, learning, fun, and results are guaranteed.

Are you wondering who we are?

Hi, I am Christelle, I am a mother of 3 children, a certified coach, and a trainer. I have been studying personal development for over 25 years. While I already had a great knowledge of my emotions and thoughts, and I was already a certified coach, I discovered Non-Violent Communication in 2016. After many hours of practice, alone and with my husband, I can say that this new way of communicating changed my vision of the world, literally saved my relationship, and strengthened me in negotiations. 
Non-violent communication is part of my life and my coaching techniques. I have been teaching it to my clients (children, schools, and professionals) since 2018.

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-18 at 15.51_edited.png

Hi, I am Sabine, the mother of an adult daughter and a career and negotiation coach. During my previous 30 years as a senior manager, I was usually the only woman in meetings. With my background as a consultant in transactional analysis, I have developed successfully my kind of appreciative communication which brought me to the center of various negotiations with clients, suppliers, and employees. This finally led me to a professional development as a mediator based on NVC in 2014.

In my coaching and workshops, I love to demonstrate that the attitude behind the NVC concept is the key to a successful business and a harmonious family life!


So what are you waiting for?

Join our community of open, caring, and successful ladies to create a better world!

What they say

Teacher of the European School Frankfurt - 2019
"I like Christelle's personality. She is very good at what she does and this has helped me to get a lot out of it.
The way each session was conducted was what I liked most about the workshops. Christelle is calm and patient. We were able to share our experiences and talk to each other, which I really appreciate. The session on non-violent communication was very interesting and I would like to do more in this area as well."

Nonviolent Communication Workshop - 2018

"I liked the relaxed nature of this session, the "non-judgment" - everything that was said brought something to the table. Christelle is clear and explains very well. Thank you! - I really liked the beginning with the ball" - Anonymous.

Franziska Lindner, Marketing assistant

With the right questions and empathy Sabine supported me to realize new points of view on a conflict with a colleague and to define the right way out of it. Many thanks for this.

Christine Malsam, commercial staff

Due to the training with Sabine, I changed my dealing with other people in a positive way. Now I can better understand their point of view. 

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