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Would you like your child to be more concentrated at school, and at home, with their homework? 

Can you feel their lack of motivation? 

Do they drift off into dreamland and take 2 hours instead of 30 minutes to complete their homework? 

Do they have powerful emotions that keep them from focusing? 

Or are they so discouraged that they think there is no point in learning and concentrating?

If you said Yes to any of these questions, this course will give you the keys you need to improve their motivation.

Your child will learn how to think positively, how to recapture their concentration when it goes away, and to structure their work. 


More than 30 Videos less than 10 minutes long each to help them understand:

  • How to change their emotions

  • How the brain works

  • How to get focused

  • How to use different methods and mindfulness exercises

Your children will learn to be more connected, empathetic, and grateful. This knowledge will make your child happier and more confident.


The videos have clear explanations and exercises.

The lessons will help your child to understand both intellectually and emotionally the changes they are making.


It has taken us a little over a year to create this course and we are finally ready! I have used all the knowledge (Atole Program, Mindfulness, BrainGym) and experience I've acquired, working with children at school and privately during the last 5 years. We even had children helping us out during the testing process of this course and measuring the improvements. 


Our program's major principle is to have play-based learning, it helps children to stay motivated, and develop the perseverance necessary to complete the exercises, not to mention all the little hidden rewards! 

We have designed this program for children aged 7 to 12 years old. We will soon be rolling out this program in both French and German. 

Do not hesitate to invest in your child’s future! 

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