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The Freedom Catcher Experience

3 months that will change your life!

Do you want to live a more meaningful life so that you can tell your children "I brought meaning and success to my life”?

I have been a coach since 2015 and I work with parents who have a good career or looking to have one.

I realised that these parents needed 3 things:

  • Having a daily activity that fascinates them

  • Rediscovering their freedom

  • Feeling united within their family


The problem is that often their work no longer corresponds with them. They feel they are slipping towards burnout, or they are too exhausted for harmonious family life. That's why many of them feel trapped in a life that no longer suits them.

The Freedom Catcher Experience gives you the path to experiencing a true understanding of the life you want without wasting years thinking that it will be better when the children are grown up ( which will not)

I work on 3 pillars to create a life that makes sense:

  1. Reconnecting with yourself and your passions,

  2. Redefining a purpose in life,

  3. Restructuring your family organisation.


Do these pillars speak to you? Then this course is for you because it is exactly what we focus on here.

How Does that Work?

During 12 weeks we go through:

  • What DO YOU want out of YOUR LIFE?

  • We will help you to gain more clarity at work and in your career.

  • We will work on building a team at home, that gives harmony and support.

  • You will have a complimentary call every 2 weeks

  • You will have access to an amazing learning platform

Check out the video explanation HERE


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