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Our Programs

Freedom Catcher Experience.png

The Freedom Catcher Experience

How to live a fulfilled Life as busy parents.

In this 9 week program, we will help you to:

  • Find out what you want out of life

  • Gain more clarity at work and in your career.

  • Build a team at home with harmony and support

Design Your Dream Career

You would love to start a new career, but you are not sure where to start?

With this program, we work on 3 pillars to create your dream career.

  • What work means to you

  • We redefine 3 professional projects

  • How to get results in the real-life

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Your Genius Plan
  • Define your 3 Ultimate Goals for the coming 12 months.

  • Schedule the needed actions and manage your time. 

  • Find the right mindset and manage your energy and rhythm. 

  • Feel a renewed ENERGY and sense of JOY.​

  • 4 Step Goal Achievement Proecss.​​

Playful Family
Prepare/Enrich Family Assessment
It's your easy button to have a harmonious family
  • Have a full breakdown of the results and a discussion on how to implement them. 

  • Learn how your relationship with your partner can be your asset 

  • Discover your unique strengths 

Family at a Beach
Free - 5 Day challenge
Connect quickly and easily with your child
  • Daily Message, Daily Tips.

  • Improve your communication skills with your child.

  • Your child will be more serene and the atmosphere at home will be lighter.

  • Feel a renewed ENERGY and sense of JOY.​


5 Days, 5 Minutes a day LET´S DO IT!

Happy & Focused.png
Happy & Focused

Teaching Attention, Emotional Balance & Positive Mindset to Children

More than 30 Videos less than 10 minutes long each to help them understand:

  • How to change their emotions

  • How the brain works

  • How to get focused

  • How to use different methods and mindfulness exercises

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