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First Step to Enter Your Zone of Genius

Online Workshop - 90 minutes to discover who you really are and how to use your Uniqueness and Strengths in finding a new Career/ Job.
First Step to Enter Your Zone of Genius

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04. Nov., 20:00 – 21:35
Online Event


Be honest? Do you like your job?

Burnout. Isolation. Too many hours. The bad atmosphere at work? No recognition?    Right now, 70% of working-age people are actively looking for a new job for these reasons and more – are you one of them?

The problem is that you don't know exactly what to do next? You are not sure about your strengths and uniqueness? You would like to do something totally different but you don't know what? Or you are afraid to start this new path that you have in mind?

👉Well, this workshop is the first step to take to the most effective method for a career change (or job hunting).

We are going to do a self-inventory in 6 different areas :

💥You will discover yourself in at least 6 different aspects (and that will bring to you multiple job approaches)

💥Knowing yourself better will help you to make more conscious decisions.

💥You will be able to describe exactly what you want and define the new direction you want to take in your life.

💥 By knowing what you really want, you will be able to put more energy, determination into your career change/Job Search.

💥When you are in competition with hundreds of other candidates, you will stand out because you will be able to describe what is unique about you and what you can bring to the table.

You will feel more confident, more self-aware, you will meet like-minded people, and leave the meeting with a new horizon. You will be surprised to see your potential and singularity.

Come and join us. Places are limited.

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