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A fun & functional family

The 3 ingredients for a resilient family and 9 keys to work on. A 90-minute conference, interactive and fun.
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A fun & functional family

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04. Mai, 20:00 – 21:30 MESZ


New Studies associated with the coronavirus pandemic, as well as knowledge of previous epidemics highlight 10 sources of distress experienced by children / young people, including the following:

• The concern that they or someone they know get sick

• Loneliness and mourning complicated by physical distancing measures

• Tensions in relationships and domestic violence,

• Stress associated with uncertainty of the duration of the pandemic

• Stress resulting from media coverage

 Purpose of the conference 

1. Learn the 3 ingredients necessary for a healthy functioning family. Reinforce what is already working and learn to adapt certain aspects to the current situation and provide better support for everyone's needs.

2. Better understand the external and internal factors that allow family members to be psychologically stable and flexible.

3. Find concrete tools to improve the well-being of each family member (parents and children). 

4. An open discussion, sharing with caring people who want to find solutions. 

The conference is interactive and exercises will be suggested.

You will leave this conference with:

1. New energy to face the coming weeks

2. An action plan and concrete tools for you and your children to use from an emotional and organisational point of view.

3. A better analysis of the current situation and the possible evolution.

What they say about it:

"The evening was reassuring, I am not the only one in a difficult situation and now I can clearly see what is creating the problems at home "– Marieke

"Lots of little ideas and tips that I could put into place, even the idea of ​​challenges that I hadn't thought of using. Very interesting, would love to do it again" — Thomas

"I learned a technique for communication that I didn't know at all, very interesting" – Marie José.

"Thank you, I will be using the values exercise ​​tonight or tomorrow morning with my family, very interesting" — Josselyne.

"Great reminder of what we can do and what we can improve within the family. It was very interesting and I also liked the idea of ​​challenges to put in place in everyday life" — Corinne

"It was a really excellent evening, I would like to continue to follow this type of conference. I was able to see that our problem was with our emotions. Tonight I was able to discover the difference between some of our emotions and for my family, it will really help me"  – Joelle

"Lots of keys to put into place to make family life more serene, I found the challenges interesting as well as Communication "– Aurélie

"Thank you, I am extremely happy, thank you for all these ideas. The family is a pillar I love. Nonviolent Communication, I liked it a lot, it really resonated with me. It's great, it reminded me that communication is important at all levels and that you also have to get out of your comfort zone. This kind of evening is very motivating, it gave me a little boost." - Anita

"For me, what sticks out the most is simplicity! Very interesting!"— Jérôme

Come and add Resilience and fun to your family!

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