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Christelle Pillot Inspiring women Summit
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Love Yourself
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Christelle Pillot - Meditation
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Being a parent is the most beautiful and intense adventure in the world. The first steps, the first words, the “mum you're the best,” the hugs (oh the hugs), the “dad you're so strong,” “when I grow up, I will marry you,” feeling like a hero for these little angels. Then they grow up, and we are proud of the beautiful people these little beings become. What a great job, what a great result… HAPPINESS..right? 

Being a parent is also…sleepless nights, diapers, fits over a sock being put on incorrectly, organising activities, juggling work, struggling to get them to eat vegetables, do their homework, monitoring screen time, meetings with teachers and daycares when your child is sick, hospital visits, endless discussions, mediating arguments, the lack of time and personal space, teaching independence and responsibility, the judgment of others that can make us feel less than capable.

In this space, we learn that it is possible to feel good about yourself, to raise responsible and autonomous children while having a life of your own and a powerful impact on your work and family life.

We acquire the tools we need to create a family that works, that is flexible, stable, supportive, A SAFE HAVEN. 

We find each other, we redefine what is important to us and to our world. 

We learn to create an ideal life, not perfect no, but full of meaning, happiness, and resource.

Does this resonate with you?

 THE MISSION at Freedom Catcher ACADEMY 

Christelle Pillot is CEO & Founder of Freedom Catcher Academy.

Christelle has been teaching families, companies, and schools since 2015. Her vision is to help families to grow in harmony and to build an exceptional life. Armed with her expertise and her personal experience as an entrepreneur and a mum of 3, Christelle is ideally positioned to guide busy parents to recapture their freedom. She truly believes that family is a big asset in business and life and that all can be connected.

She has a chemical engineering Master's degree, she is a certified coach and trainer. She has been trained in Mindfulness and stress reduction for adults and children. Christelle studied personal development for more than 20 years. Family, the search for happiness, and knowledge sharing are her 3 passions.


Using tools and techniques to simplify life, build a supportive team at home, and rebalance your life. She also helps to redesign careers or build a second financial leg. Christelle’s Clients gain energy, joy, ease, and a sense of fulfilment.

What we can help with

Becoming a role model as a parent, as a leader

​Becoming the Better Version of Yourself

Balancing your Life

Finding your life mission

Designing a new career

Time/ Energy management 

Building a team at home

Creating a functioning/ supportive family

Building a strong self-confidence

Family at a Beach

What Christelle´s clients say:

"Christelle is a professional coach on leadership matters. She is very secure, a natural authority in her business, professional, and effective in setting up and following a reasonable agenda. She is very cooperative in setting up the program together with her customer (no "one-size-fits-all" approach, great customizing). She knows about science and technology business.

Dr Peter Kasper - Magellan bioConsult UG -


"Christelle is enthusiastic and structured and brought new ideas to our leadership workshop. She has a strong understanding, she structures and standardizes. Thanks, well done !"

Jaap Stuut - Chief Executive officer at Immunodiagnostic Systems Holdings PLC

"I love Christelle´s personality. She is very good at what she does and it made it so worthwhile to me. Thank you"

Teacher of the European School Frankfurt - Frankfurt​

"Christelle is truly an expert about what she is teaching. She is very authentic and has a crystal- clear presence which I really appreciated about her personality.  I do love her smooth and gentle voice."

Teacher of the European School Frankfurt - Frankfurt

"The method in which each session was done is what I liked most about the workshops. Christelle was calm and patient with us. We were able to exchange experiences and talk to each other which I greatly appreciate. The non Violent  communication session was very interesting and I would love to do more in this area as well"

Teacher of the European School Frankfurt - Frankfurt


"Christelle´s meditation technics really work!

After 3 minutes of meditating with her, I felt like I have slept 2 hours - so calm and stressless I felt afterward!

I am eager to wait for the full-day class to cleanse my mind.

Thank you.“

​Elena Malgina – Economist



„My business was almost destroyed because of pressure and high emotions. Meditation is the key to success, it is the key to a healthy relationship with yourself and others. Christelle´s presentation changed my vision and mindset. I really recommend to attend Christelle´s workshops - It is amazing - Thank you“

​Mila - founder of Gingerchef

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