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Design Your Dream Career

Do you want to live a meaningful life so that you can tell your children "I have been successful in my life“?

I have been a coach since 2015 and I work with parents who have a good career or a non existing career.

When it comes to having a career, I realised that these parents need 4 things:

  • Having a purpose. This is crucial to be happier and more successful.

  • Feeling more meaning in their life. If what you do means something to you, how do you think your motivation improves?

  • Being proud of their work. The need to feel aligned with the personal values. For example, being a role model to their children.

  • Recognition. The right balance between giving and receiving. Feeling good about what they give and being able to receive in return.

The problem is, that their work often no longer corresponds with them. They feel they are slipping towards a burnout, or they are too exhausted for a harmonious family life. That's why many of them feel trapped in a life that no longer suits them.

This is the reason why I focused my expertise to help parents to recapture Freedom.

Career is definitely a crucial part.

How Does This Program Work?

During 12 weeks we go through:

What DO YOU want in YOUR LIFE, your Purpose, your mission?

We work on 3 pillars to create your dream career.

What work means to you

We redefine 3 professional projects

How to get results in the real-life

You will gain:

A clear view of 3 jobs/ projects that suit you

A clear view of your strengths and uniqueness

A strategy to get the resources/information for your dream job

Support within the group and out of the group

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Do you feel that this message speaks to you?   Then this course is for you.


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