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What Freedom Catcher Academy stands for

Simplicity: it is our job to simplify your learning experience with a clear and structured process. We want you to save your energy and time for what is relevant.  

Fun: we stand for fun because we want you to enjoy the process. If you have fun, your energy stays high, your motivation is higher, your learning experience is higher and more effective, your capacity to apply it to your life increases…. And we have fun. 😊 

Results: we stand for results, we want you to see achievement as much as possible, to measure the improvement towards your goals. We do all that we can to support you at every step of your journey, with a permanent quest for quality and high values. 

Therefore, we offer you a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on pretty much all of our programs:

Should you be unhappy, please let us know.

Your Freedom Matters...

A little bit about me:

"Changing my life to focus on what really matters to me and transforming my busy life into a meaningful life, was the best that could happen to me." 


I have 3 boys and my husband with whom I discuss philosophy, we meditate, we laugh, and who give me beautiful lessons in life.

Since 2015 I have helped more than 300 children and families to feel happier and free. 

I am also lucky enough to discover and to be inspired by loving families, remarkable children, committed teachers, caring parents, and dynamic entrepreneurs.

It wasn’t always like that. 

I experienced burnout during my fifteen-year career as a Sales Manager; I felt like the work that I was doing was useless. A useless job in a harmful, environment, I felt drained and tied down. The atmosphere at home was severely impacted and I no longer enjoyed the life I had built, regardless of appearances of happiness, my family and love life were in peril. I decided to redesign my life at home and at work.

The burnout led me to go back to my first and real passion: Psychology and Personal Development. I had discarded these paths at a younger age in favour of a degree in Chemical Engineering. So  I decided to get a Life Coach and Trainer certification before opening my business in 2016. I finally completed my career transition in 2018 when I quit my job as an International Sales Manager in Engineering. I feel free, supported by my family, and fulfilled like never before and I want to help all parents to feel the same amazing feeling. 

I would like everyone on earth to have the courage to think that anything is possible, if you want it, there are endless possibilities.

It is not easy to break down barriers, but a life with barriers is not any easier.

Would you like to learn how to follow these steps?


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